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Last updated: July 28, 2020

This PRIVACY POLICY integrates the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE of the WEBSITE CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA., a limited liability company with articles of incorporation registered in the 4th. Registry of Deeds and Documents under No. 375.329 on 12.15.1998 and at the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of São Paulo under No. 24.368 in session of 12.09.1998, registered with the C.N.P.J. under nº 02.980.901/0001-12, with registered office at Rua Maestro Cardim, 1.191, Conjunto 14, Paraíso, São Paulo, SP, CEP: 01323-001, sole and exclusive owner of the domain, hereinafter referred to as as “GANEPÃO” is the creator and organizer of the annual Ganepão Scientific Congress, in which the academic and scientific community debates and presents themes related to human nutrition, hereinafter referred to as EVENT.

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection, storage, use, processing, treatment, sharing, association and protection of your personal data by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA, while You participate in the EVENT.

Through this PRIVACY POLICY, you will be informed how you can access, correct, update, manage and delete your personal data from the SITE.

This PRIVACY POLICY was prepared in accordance with Brazilian laws, including, but not limited to, Law nº 12.965/14 (“Marco Civil da Internet”), its regulatory decree (Decree nº 8.771/2016), and Law nº 13.709 /18 (“General Data Protection Law” or “LGPD”).

Reading and accepting this PRIVACY POLICY is a necessary and indispensable requirement for using the SITE services and for participating in the EVENT. It is a condition precedent to your participation in the EVENT, that you register. In this act, your registration data, such as name, address, CPF / MF registration, RG number, profession, registration number in Class Body, will be collected by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA. Therefore, it will be very difficult, even impossible for CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA to offer its services for participation in the EVENT if you refuse to allow us to collect your data.

It is understood that CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA collects and processes your data provided to access the EVENT only to provide the services contained in the Term of Use and to maintain, protect and improve the general quality of its services. CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA does not collect more data than necessary to meet these purposes.

All words written in capital letters in this instrument will have the meaning attributed to them in accordance with section 1 of the TERMS OF USE.


1.1. In order to participate in the EVENT, you must register on the SITE by providing the following personal information:

(i) full name;

(ii) address; CPF;

(iii) RG;

(iv) email;

(v) contact telephone number;

(vi) Profession;

(vii) registration number in the respective Class Council

(viii) credit card numbers

1.2. Before the end of registration, interested parties must confirm that they accept and agree with the TERMS OF USE, as well as the PRIVACY POLICY of the SITE when completing their registration You are adhering to and consenting to the TERMS OF USE, this PRIVACY POLICY and regarding the collection, use, storage and processing of your data to be carried out by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA. 🇧🇷

1.3. The purpose of collecting and processing USERS’ personal data by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA (all purposes, together, will be simply referred to as “Purpose”):

(i) Assist and complete the registration to participate in the EVENT;

(ii) Enable the delivery of the credential to the USER by the PARTNER, with which he will be able to access all the premises and stands of the EVENT;

(iii) Improve our commercial and promotional initiatives and analyze the pages visited, searches carried out by USERS to improve our offer of content and products, customize content, its presentation and services;

(iv) Send USERS messages about new events, services, advertising, promotions and banners, news about GANEPAO. The USER may request that he be excluded from the lists for sending promotional or advertising messages. To do so, just click on the UNREGISTER option at the bottom of the message received and the process will happen automatically or request it via email

(v) Share the personal data provided when registering the USER with service providers (THIRD PROVIDERS, as defined in the Terms of Use and also in the clause below) and exhibitors/sponsors of the EVENT, to improve or facilitate operations carried out within the scope of the EVENT, such as, but not limited to: registration services, service at the stand, payment, server storage, as well as sending promotional and marketing actions.

(vi) Communicate eventual content updates (“newsletters”) about the EVENT.

1.4. You hereby authorize CELL TARGET CURSOS E EVENTOS LTDA to send e-mail, SMS message or phone calls to the cell phone number provided in the registration, about updating the SITE, or about content and information about the EVENT.

1.5.1 The USER may, at any time, unsubscribe from any of the e-mail lists through a link contained in the e-mail message itself, with the option to cancel. Unsubscribing from the SITE’s promotional offers or updates e-mail lists will not affect and/or prevent the USER from using the SITE.

1.5.2. The deletion and consequent cancellation may not occur immediately, due to maintenance and/or updating of active servers. However, if the closure takes longer than expected to take effect, the USER may contact him informing his situation by sending an e-mail to or by telephone (11) 3253-0391.

1.5. Under no circumstances will the registration data provided by You and collected by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA be revealed or sold to third parties, except:

(i) by court order;

(ii) in strict compliance with legal duty;

(iii) for THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS, as defined in the Terms of Use and in clause 1.5.1 below, which will always be done to the extent strictly necessary to enable registration and participation in the EVENT, as contracted by the USER;

(iv) if intended for companies belonging to the Gane group, including parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates of CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA; upon authorization from their holders, under the terms of this Privacy Policy, or future specific consent; and 1.5.1 GANEPÃO may rely on third party service providers (“THIRD PROVIDERS”), for example, hosting providers, payment processors, companies for sending communications, EVENT managers, customer relationship managers and others subcontractors. To this extent, you are aware and agree that your data may be shared with THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS by GANEPÃO, but such third party providers will receive and process the data collected only and solely to be able to provide the services that are the subject of the Term of Use, and must ensure the protection and privacy thereof in the same way that CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA.


You are aware and agree that your personal data provided when registering for the EVENT may be shared with THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS and exhibitors at the EVENT, as necessary for the provision of services, in accordance with the purpose set forth in item 1.3 (iv and v). You are aware that some exhibitors may capture the barcode printed on the USER’s credential at the EVENT. You must express your consent in person at the time of collection. CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA has no interference or control over the data collected in this way by the exhibitors, nor does it supply the collection equipment, which is why CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA is not responsible for any losses and damages that you may come to experience due to the procedure for collecting and processing data by exhibitors, as mentioned.


2.1 By participating in the EVENT You authorize CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA, free of charge and without consideration of any kind, to use, reproduce, transmit, edit and distribute only and solely to publicize the EVENT any image and sound recording captured in the EVENT by video and/or audio recording and/or photography in which it appears, in particular, on social networks or on the SITE.


4.1. The EVENT SITE may use “cookies” to improve the USER’s navigability and recognize a constant USER. Cookies are small text files stored in internet browsers. This resource makes it possible to identify USERS and direct documents according to pre-established parameters, such as USERS’ interests and preferences, without storing personal data.

4.2. It is possible to reject the use of cookies in the navigation, configuring the browser used, or configuring the browser to send a warning when a cookie is used and/or downloaded. If the USER wishes to block and/or delete cookies, it is possible that CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA will not be able to restore any previously specified preference, interest or customization, and the ability to customize the online experience may be limited.


5.1 CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA stores its collected data on an external server contracted with a THIRD PROVIDER constituting a cloud-based database. Your personal data is stored in a reserved database with access restricted to qualified persons, who are obliged, by contract, to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not to use it inappropriately.

5.1. Pro Evento employs and uses appropriate information security practices in all its systems and infrastructure, including physical and digital security measures to ensure the protection of your data. These measures include access controls, strong 128-bit encryption, SSL implementation, firewalls, change log recording, two-factor authentication, among other mechanisms and protocols.

Notwithstanding the above, the security system used by Pro Evento, however secure it may be, is not completely immune to attacks by third parties, such as “hackers” or “crackers”. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee absolute security of the database nor that the personal data provided by the USER cannot be intercepted when the transmission is made over the internet. You are aware and agree that CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA hires THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS that perform database management services, access and environment monitoring and data storage in the cloud, which is why the guarantees and service level of such services are obtained by You directly from THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS, applying the service and indemnity limits set forth in such service use terms, without liability of CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA.

5.2. The security measures described above apply to your personal data only from the moment you register on the SITE and while CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA keeps them under its custody. The operation and security of the equipment you use to access the SITE, as well as the network through which the data travels, are not the responsibility of CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA.


You may request access, update, correction or deletion, partial or total, of your personal data registered at, through a reserved area and accessed by means of an access credential. If the USER requests the complete deletion of their personal data, it means the termination and impossibility of using the SITE and attending the EVENT, since there are certain minimum data that are necessary for CELL TARGET CURSOS E EVENTOS LTDA and THIRD PROVIDERS to be able to provide the services correctly and properly.

6.1. Even with the deletion of the account by the USER, CELL TARGET CURSOS E EVENTOS LTDA may retain information and personal data of the USER, as permitted or required by law, especially if the USER still has an outstanding obligation.

6.3 General and personal data will be kept by CELL TAGET CURSOS E EVENTOS LTDA only as long as reasonably necessary, taking into account your need to respond to queries or solve problems and comply with legal requirements under applicable laws. It will keep general and personal data for a maximum period of ten years, if there is no specific legal requirement. Therefore, you allow your data to be stored during this period.


6.1. CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA reserves the right to make changes, modifications and/or exclusions of this Privacy Policy, and in case of changes that are considered relevant, that is, that reduce or change rights attributed to the USER, will be communicated with adequate prior notice, through the SITE. By accessing the amended Privacy Policy, you are agreeing and adhering to its latest version and your navigation and use of the SITE must respect it.


8.1. If you have questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy or the data processing carried out by CELL TARGET EVENTOS E CURSOS LTDA, please contact us via email